The following code of conduct outlines the conduct required and general work practices to be observed whilst employed as a qualified mechanic at FleetServe Pty Ltd :


  • All work is to be carried out in a professional manner as expected of a qualified tradesman.
  • Professional conduct is to be observed at all times during working hours.

This includes no foul language to be used during work hours.

  • Respect is to be shown to both customers and your fellow employees at all times. Harassment of any nature to fellow employees will not be tolerated. Each employee has a right to come to work without fear or intimidation of any kind.
  • No alcohol or other prohibitive drug is to be consumed on the premises at any time.
  • Employees must turn up for their shifts with a sound state of mind, not under the influence of alcohol or any drug.

Work considered outside of your professional knowledge or ability is to be reported to your Supervisor for assistance or direction.


  • All work is to be carried out in general within the time frames outlined in the relevant trade guides published by the industry, as well as within the time frames required and outlined by your Supervisor.


  • Safe Work Practises are to be observed for all work carried out.
  • Safety equipment provided by FleetServe is to be used at all times where required.
  • Should an accident occur you must report the incident immediately to your foreman and ensure that an incident report is completed.


  • Paperwork is to be completed as required and as outlined by your Supervisor.

This includes filling out of Request Orders for each job undertaken and job time, parts, vehicle klms and report.

  • A Service Worksheet is to be completed for all Services carried out (vehicle or trailer) and this is to be attached to the R.O.
  • Parts from the Store Room can only be obtained by taking the R.O. for that job with you to the Store Room. Parts taken will be recorded on the R.O by the mechanic/Supervisor.


  • Should an accident occur you must report the incident immediately to your Supervisor and ensure that an incident report is obtained from the paymaster, filled out and returned.



  • Each employ must give their bank account details to the paymaster before commencement of their employment to enable pay to be paid each week.
  • Currently pay is paid on Fridays for shifts done over the previous Friday to Thursday.
  • All overtime must be signed off on your time card by the Workshop Manager by Thursday morning each week.  Any overtime not signed may not be paid.


  • The following breaks are to be taken each shift at times advised by your Supervisor : Morning Tea  20min
  • Lunch 30min


  • All employees are required to comply with shift rotations or alternate job functions where requested. e.g. store room, tyre dept. etc.
  • At your Supervisor’s discretion you may also be required to complete a job outside your normal shift hours where you would be paid overtime.


  • 4 Weeks notice is required to be given to the Manager for leave entitlements.
  • Acceptance of the requested leave dates will be at FleetServe’s discretion.


  • All Workshop Equipment must be used Professionally and Respectfully with due care taken at all times. Defacing of equipment or the writing of graffiti in the  workshop is prohibited.
  • All Equipment Breakages are to be reported to your Supervisor.
  • Equipment taken from the Store Room is the responsibility of that employee and must be returned immediately after it has been finished with.


  • Driving of all vehicles, customer and company must be don in accordance with statutory road regulations.
  • Keys for all vehicles are to be kept at all times on the designated boards NOT LEFT IN THE VEHICLE.
  • ALL trips made in Company Vehicles are to be recorded in that Vehicle’s Log by the Driver of that Vehicle.  
  •  Employees are not to drive ANY vehicle whilst unlicensed and are to notify their Supervisor in the event they loose their licence.
  • Company vehicles are to be used respectfully. They are to be left in a clean state after use (not littered with junk or grease). Should fuel be required for the next trip, your Supervisor must be notified.
  • Should you put fuel in a company vehicle the Kilometre reading of the vehicle MUST be given to the Service Station cashier. The fuel docket and the klm. reading MUST also be given to the F/Serve Manager on return.